Fuel Source Partners develops successful products, from concept to completion, and propels them into the market place.

We have an Advisory Group to help you make intelligent decisions about the risk and rewards for growing your business.

Our Execution Group makes sure everyone’s actions stay on target with your strategic plans.

We’re a ‘think first’ and ‘roll up our sleeves’ kind of company that moves fast because when opportunity comes, you have to strike hard.

Clients work with us to make
intelligent decisions which leads to
flawless execution and
creates the
proper inflection point for sustaining success.

Why Fuel Source Partners?

Innovative companies will make thousands of decisions in a single year which determine their success. What strategic decisions will they make to develop the right product for the right market? How effectively will they execute on strategy? When will they experience an inflection point and achieve momentum?

Too often, within the first year, many companies realize they don’t have all the expertise and resources needed to qualify their
business model and ensure their viability.

This is why cutting-edge companies talk to Fuel Source Partners. We make intelligent decisions which leads to flawless execution and  creates the proper inflection point for realizing the ideal outcome, which may include the desired exit strategy, funding, building a commercially viable company or turnarounds.

Strategy and execution go hand-in-hand.

From early stage to mature companies, everyone appreciates straight talk with industry experts who can de-risk their business plans and clarify strategic goals. This is why we serve as trusted advisors for a broad range of firms in the medical device, technology and VC/PE markets. We know how critical it is to qualify a client's path to success.

Together, we strategize, then execute; but get ready to act fast, because when the clock starts ticking it's essential to gain regulatory approval, capture reimbursement, attract customers and earn market share.

This is why Fuel Source Partners offers an Advisory Group and an Execution Group to ensure that strategy and execution go hand-in-hand. Our Advisory Group offers a 16-point gap analysis to set the path for refining your business model, properly defending your IP and confidently bringing your products to market. Our Execution Group delivers impeccable expertise in regards to mechanical engineering, electrical design and software development. Once your business strategy and execution are in place, we offer a Working Management Team to bring the exact expertise you need to gain market velocity.

Every entrepreneur deserves to find out what our client’s already know; a conversation with our partners gives them the assurances they need to successfully scope their products, scale resources and reach into new markets.

Talk to us and see for yourself.

De-Risk + Act Fast = Exceeding Expectations